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Wieland Schmidtke and Evelyna Boué have been working together since 1988. After 17 years at WES & Partner (where Schmidtke was the "S"), the pair founded Schmidtke+Boué in 2005.

Schmidtke+Boué are landscape architects and masterplanners, working throughout Europe from offices in the German cities of Hamburg and Oldenburg.

After an early career as a graphic artist and designer, Wieland Schmidtke became a landscape architect in 1969, joining the Hamburg firm of Wehberg-Lange & Partner in 1970.

From 1981-2003, Wieland was a partner at WES & Partner, where he was responsible for the conception, development and realisation of over 65 projects. Wieland left WES & Partner in 2003, and co-founded Schmidtke+Boué in 2005.

Evelyna Boué is a civil engineer and has been a landscape architect since 1986. Evelyna moved to Germany from her native Bulgaria in 1988.

Soon after arriving in Germany, Evelyna began working for WES & Partner as a freelance architect and project manager. She became a permanent associate in 1998, responsible for design conception and project management until leaving in 2004. Evelyna co-founded Schmidtke+Boué in 2005.